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Common Problems To Build a Mobile-Friendly Website:

One of the easiest, but often overlooked, mistakes to avoid on your mobile-optimized website is shrinking fonts. When you forget to enlarge your fonts, buttons, and anything you want your audience to be able to read and interact with on a mobile site, then you’re inadvertently crippling both your website and your reader’s ability to engage with your website’s content.

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Mobile users expect the things they use to work for them, and they’ll leave your website without a second thought if it isn’t catered to them and their lifestyle. An easy rule to follow, then, is that any text on a mobile device should rest comfortably around a 14px size. This may seem large, but for a smaller screen that will probably be read on-the-go, you want your font to be big enough that it can be easily skimmed and understood. This also makes it so readers don’t have to zoom in on your page, eliminating an extra step that could inconvenience your audience.

Adjusting your font size for mobile devices isn't just about accessibility, it’s also about anticipating your audience’s wants and adjusting your strategies accordingly. Take the time to test your website with different font sizes, and test them across devices of different sizes so you can ensure that your website is easy to read for everyone.

Of course, an easy fix is to add code in the backend so that your font doesn’t scale down completely because of the screen size. If you already have a large, readable font on your site, it will stay readable on smaller screens.

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