Cloud Engineering

The role is “an evolving role for a new era of IT,” explains Gartner analyst Elias Khnaser in a technical report. The range of skills goes beyond the mastery of any specific IT area, such as virtualization, networking or storage.

Depending on the size of the organization, more than one professional may be required. The most successful cloud engineers have significant experience with the current services of the cloud provider they use and have the skills to use scripts and automation, says Khnaser.

Technical professionals who wish to evolve into “cloud engineering” need, in addition to understanding responsibilities and requirements, have to develop the necessary skills for implementations for everyday ICT functions, also for innovation. Some projects involve deploying hybrid IT structures by integrating different external cloud services with the backend and traditional data center systems.

Many projects involve migrating existing applications, from day-to-day operation, to the public cloud in a pure and simple transposition logic. But others require a redesign approach to achieve greater efficiency, agility and support disaster recovery.

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