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How to empower a remote workforce in the long-term?

When describing the realities of the ‘new normal‘, remote working has a significant role to play, and how to empower a remote workforce in the long term, will become one of the great challenges for business leaders.

In the short term, when coronavirus hit and the resulting lockdown ensued, businesses reacted quickly and put together an amalgamation of different solutions — some that were enterprise ready and some that were not.

Moving forward, organisations will need to embrace enterprise-ready and secure remote working solutions to empower a remote workforce, and evolve their business strategy when it comes to working and productivity.

To find out how to empower a remote workforce in the long term, Information Age spoke to six leaders.

Some discuss the importance of collaboration, communication, tooling, CRM and the cloud, while we begin with how Bloomberg has empowered it’s remote engineers during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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“Our software engineers are encouraged to use internal collaboration tools, like our Instant Bloomberg (IB) chat function or internal video communications platform, to stay connected to colleagues from home. We’ve also enhanced knowledge sharing within teams — information they typically get by walking over to someone’s desk — by writing down common workflows or examples of common code usage patterns or tests in a shared workspace, in addition to improving software development processes to make projects work-from-home friendly.

“For example, things that are automated, which require a single button press, are easier to explain remotely (or require no explanation) instead of very manual processes. ‘Just click this button’ is easier to explain than ‘First, configure your development environment by running this script in the home directory, then take these complicated steps’.”

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