For many years CIJ printers have been the popular choice for printing barcodes, data matrix, and variable data on a broad range of products.

However, the emergence of other technologies offers an exceptional combination of performance and value. TIJ printers, for instance, easily put coding and marking equipment within reach of manufacturers of all sizes.

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So, here are some of the advantages of TIJ printers compared to CIJ.

TIJ Printer low cost
1. Capital Cost – TIJ printers are considerably less expensive than TIJ printers. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from 5 times the price of a TIJ printer, when purchasing a CIJ printer.
TIJ printer low maintenance cost
2. Maintenance cost – CIJ printers require regular maintenance, which usually needs to be done by the equipment vendor, and this means purchasing costly service contracts. TIJ printers, on the other hand, need no maintenance and only require ink cartridge changes.
TIJ printer high resolution print
3. Print resolution – TIJ printers, with a 600 dpi print resolution outshine CIJs when it comes to printing high-resolution, easily readable barcodes and graphics.

4. Uptime – TIJs are reliable printers that require no maintenance, which means no production bottlenecks or line stoppages. Comparatively, CIJs could require lengthy regular maintenance periods resulting in production downtime and delays.
TIJ printer small size
5. Footprint – CIJ printers have a larger footprint and therefore require more space than TIJs, which offer more versatility and are easier to integrate into more spots in the production line.
The decision process can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the most appropriate inkjet printer for your product marking application. However, when you consider your budget and determine the essential functionality that a printer must have to fulfill your requirements, it could be easy to see that a Thermal Inkjet Printer is the preferred option.

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