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The printing issues – a brief review

In Windows 10 version 1903, some users recognized that the printer queue crashes after installing the KB4517211 update and they could no longer print. Specifically, the spooler service for the printers crashes, causing no printers to be detected by applications. The affected person can restart the service, but it crashes again during printing.

After a reader comment, I had briefly mentioned the issue within my blog post Windows 10: Issues with Updates KB4522015, KB4522016 / KB4517211 (Sept. 2019). When writing the post, I still assumed that this could be an isolated case for one user. Afterwards, however, a number of independent confirmations came from readers both here and in the German-language blog. So later I decided to create a separate blog post Windows10 V1903: Update KB4517211 causes printer issues.

After receiving additional confirmations from more users, I found a post in the Microsoft Answers forum and escalated the issue to Microsoft moderators – together with the request to forward this with a link to my post above to Microsoft’s developers (as a Microsoft Answers community moderator I still can do that).

The HP Printer Repair Technician should be well-versed with the functionality to explain the equipment operation better to the customer. They have to assess the equipment to identify the source of the problem, suggest solutions and other corrective actions. It is the responsibility of the HP Printer Technician to attend to dispatch calls and follow up the dispatch procedures.

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