IT Administrators

The path to AI success is hard and takes time, and not just because of the technology. You also need a strategic framework and an iterative approach to avoid delivering a random set of disconnected AI solutions. The temptation is to go for moonshots to deliver the magic, but such projects often fail to live up to expectations because you don’t have the basics homework done.

AI is not a magic, it requires rigour, logical thinking and long term strategy with a patience to do multiple iteration to get to the result.

Myth 2: AI Will Replace Human Jobs

Most of the times, management look at AI solutions to replace human and reduce the operational cost, creating a sense of fear among the employees.

So, if you think that AI solutions might strip human from their jobs, then you are undeniably wrong.

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Reality is, AI and human need each other. AI is at its most valuable when it augments people’s capabilities. It can remove the duplicate work, freeing people up for more strategic activities. That has the added benefit of making people more motivated, productive, and loyal. Enterprise AI also relies on people to feed it the right data and work with it the right way. Often, AI doesn’t provide conclusive answers to issues, but rather highly informed recommendations that an actual human can weigh to make the final decision.

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