IT Analyst Career

Attackers can also take a more subtle approach in their campaigns by stealing information or monitoring exposed systems. Exposed human machine interfaces (HMI), for example, could expose customer databases and an attacker could steal personally identifiable information (PII). This threat — along with cascading consequences — are possible for exposed ICS in critical sectors and other industries. Gaining unauthorized access on a network, threat actors can also steal information on equipment behavior from measurements and data usually collected by their sensors necessary for the factory’s automatic functions. Such attacks on networks show the importance of apt intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Device hacking

The number of connected devices on or outside the factory floor does not dilute the importance of each to the overall security. Attackers can use a single hacked device to spread malware or access the entire industrial network. They can even tamper with actual devices should they gain physical access. They could then make the tampered devices send the wrong information to the rest of the network or to simply malfunction and affect the rest of the production line.

IT Analyst has to review existing IT systems and internal processes. They have to work in collaboration with the management to understand IT objectives. It is important to have a better understanding of cutting-edge technologies to optimize organizational efficiency.

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