IT Engineer

A technical support engineer by any other name may still have the same goal: providing technical support when needed in order to elevate the customer experience to a positive one.

The technical support team may also be called the customer support team depending on whether customers are internal or external. There’s no one size that fits all flow chart to describe how all companies should structure their technical support. Some offices may have an IT department with one or two technical support engineers. Others have a robust and organized network ready to deploy for customer support.

Some titles that you might find under the latter include Chief Services Officer, Customer Services Manager, Contact Center Manager, Process Analyst, Business Analyst and Issue Manager. Regardless of the size or robustness of the technical support team, the responsibilities of the technical support engineer remain remarkably similar. That includes troubleshooting hardware and software problems, answering inquiries and documenting results.

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A senior or team-lead technical support engineer likely only handles Tier 3 escalations and above. They spend most of their time working with monitoring tools, implementing system updates and upgrades, developing big picture tech support strategy and ensuring team success with accountability measures.

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