IT Engineering

Indian Information technology industry is growing at a faster pace and this industry has the highest contribution to the economic development of the country. As per the report released by IBEF, India is likely to double to reach US$ 250 billion by 2020, growing to 7.5 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). Such staggering numbers are a proof of the growing demand for IT professionals in various industries. For an IT engineer, there are infinite opportunities and industries in which they can venture for the jobs. Let us take a look at a few money-making offbeat avenues in which they can make their career shine:

Government Sector: In the government sector, there are various departments that require IT professionals. With digitisation in the Indian economy, all the PSUs and organisations require IT engineers to maintain their highly confidential data and protect it from the unforeseen threats. So joining government sector is a lucrative option as it comes with its own perks of job security and consistent salary increment.

E-commerce Industry: Online companies have flooded the Internet and the tech-savvy consumer(s) favour purchasing goods online. This e-commerce boom is a bright opportunity for IT engineers to grab jobs e-commerce giants to earn decent remuneration.

Telecommunications: The subscriber base has grown manifolds in the past decade and with the emergence of low tariff plans, the requirement to manage the systems has also grown. IT engineers are the right people to deal with the issues of this industry.

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Biotechnology Industry: Scientists, researchers, big corporate houses, often engage in experimentations that are now-a-days done in digital mode. The need of IT engineers in this industry is also becoming vital due to change in the mode of operations that have now become digital. 

Higher Education: IT engineers can also pursue teaching professions and can choose to teach students at University level. This will help them expand their horizon in terms of the guidance required by the future generation of our country.

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