History of Information Technology

  Information technology emerged in the 1990s when computers became the basic tools at work at all levels and fields to meet the demands of everyday life, business activities in institutions, as well as with students.
Therefore, professionals needed to develop technology and lay the foundations for their infrastructure.

Characteristics of Information Technology

Accuracy: Accuracy is intended in terms of good quality information, and the corresponding amount of information.
Timing: It is the time period required to provide and retrieve information to the beneficiary.
Validity: means the appropriateness of information to the needs of the beneficiary.
Inclusiveness: It is intended to secure all aspects that the beneficiary needs.
Clarity: The information is far from ambiguity and unjustified confusion with other subjects.
Investigability: Advanced information can be examined, reviewed and investigated in terms of validity and time.

Advantages of Information Technology

Information technology saves time, provides information, and then transfers it from the computer.
The individual gains skill thus enlarges his horizons and enhances his creative abilities.
Information technology develops self-learning abilities in the individual.

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The individual is given a sense of comfort when collecting information; it is a neat, organized, non-random technique.
The individual develops a method of solving problems that cannot be solved in traditional ways because of the large amount of information.
Perception of the individual is achieved because of computers used in information technology which provides the individual with the different data and appearances that he understands through his senses.
Information technology allows the individual to be able to communicate any information he wants at any time through the Internet connection.

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