Lately, our clients with an MPLS WAN are starting to ask: “Should we get rid of our MPLS and go to SD-WAN? Is SD-WAN better?”

I don’t mean to make this question sound childish (since it’s a fantastically good question), but it reminds me of a mistake I made when my 9-year-old son asked me a question the other day.

He is obsessed with baseball, so, of course, he asked me something all of us baseball fans have wondered at some point: “Daddy, which is better… a guy who hits .250 with 50 home runs or a guy who hits .300 with 10 home runs?”

I should have just answered it with “Homers, baby… everyone buys tickets to see dingers!” I would have sounded manly, plus, he would have laughed and walked away content.

But instead, I went all baseball-nerdy on him: “Well, that depends. How many RBIs does each have? What about their batting average, with runners in scoring position? Who else is on the team?” … etc, etc.

He and I discussed it for ten mind-numbing minutes. Then, he eventually walked away more confused than ever. Baseball just got way too complicated.

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