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In today’s cloud landscape, public cloud services are aggressively shifting to the edge of the network as 5G technologies combined with IoT SLA requirements are pushing the limits of performance that centralized cloud services can offer. These edge clouds move the cloud boundary closer to the enterprise to serve high bandwidth, latency sensitive applications. Specifically, one type of edge cloud is formed by extending cloud infrastructures to the edge of the network, in a service provider’s facility, close to a 5G radio tower. This service is geared toward very low latency and high bandwidth applications. An example here is AWS Wavelength. The other implementation we are seeing is public cloud infrastructures being deployed ‘on-premise’ for ultra low latency applications where often actionable analytics are also performed locally. These services are geared toward manufacturing and robotics where immediate feedback is needed.

With the distributed nature of edge clouds and corresponding services, the role of SD-WAN’s end-to-end visibility and control is now more important than ever to program the network to ensure that each application receives the service and performance it needs. The edge cloud services require secure, seamless connectivity to cloud components, as well as providing network SLAs that SD-WAN should measure and assure.

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Over the last few years I have witnessed an incredible journey of digital transformation as enterprises have embraced virtualization and the cloud. During this journey, SD-WAN capabilities have evolved to enable this transformation. Nuage Networks has been at the forefront of this technological shift. Today, technology may be evolving even more quickly to accommodate the next generation of IT services unlocked by communication technologies like 5G. Nuage Networks and its SDN and SD-WAN technologies will be essential to ensure that these services can be consumed with agility while eliminating any network restrictions.

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