SD WAN Technology

Classics of cyberpunk considered man as a computer. What is more important - hardware or software? Iron will not work without software, software - without hardware. The hardware of all is approximately the same, but the spirit, software, “poured” into the memory in the process of education, is completely different. One program on the seller, the other - on the guard.

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However, as practice shows, people can be reprogrammed. A guard becomes a seller, a seller a guard. Training courses, TV, social networks, media. New software, new myths, new goals, new history. Reprogrammed not only individuals, but entire countries.

It is logical that this approach is used for computers. “Iron” can be combined, disconnected, forced to work in a new way, moving to work with it at a higher level, at the level of virtualization, “spirit”. Making everything software-defined.

What is SDx?

The term Software-Defined Everything (SDx) has not yet been established and is understood differently. SDxCentral, a media and analytics company dedicated to software-defined solutions, views SDx as “any physical element or function that can be implemented or automated using software.” This definition includes hardware, programs, and even business processes. So, Uber can be considered a software-defined transport function.

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