Service Desk Analyst

A Day in the Life of a Help Desk Analyst

The help desk analyst
is one of the most visible IT roles—as well as an evolving one. In fact, it’s one of the few public-facing IT jobs. But what does an average workday look like for this professional? Here’s a quick overview.

A tiered role
Help desk analysts are on the frontline of customer support. They are focused on helping to resolve technical issues end users encounter, or connecting those users with more intensive IT support, when needed.

Remote assistance
A help desk analyst spends the majority of the day performing remote support. This can take a number of forms:

Over-the-phone support
Screen sharing or remote control
Live chat support
Email support
Performing any kind of technical support is challenging enough, but remote support can require even more skill.

If screen sharing or remote control tools aren’t available, help desk analysts must depend on users to be their eyes and hands when trying to resolve a problem. The help desk analyst must visualize what the user is seeing on his or her screen and know exactly what suggestions to give, and how to word that guidance so the user can follow it.

Ticket maintenance
Help desk requests are tracked using a ticketing system. The most efficient help desks have standards set for ticket quality, like average time to resolution and percentage of tickets that are escalated to higher levels.

These standards are used to measure the quality of service, as well as to detect trends in product quality. This is why a help desk analyst must regularly maintain tickets.


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