Software-Defined WAN

Now’s the time to deploy SD-WAN for the business

For IT departments, digital transformation means something quite different from a dozen years ago. Back in the early noughties, a digital transformation would have been an upgrade to in-house server hardware, perhaps a new MPLS line or two to support branch offices, maybe even a failover ADSL line for every remote installation.

But the nature of business has changed, and now IT departments are all about empowering the business functions — that might be enabling better access to a remote cloud service, giving better customer experiences, and making sure that data is moving where it needs to be, in the shortest time possible.

With a large proportion of end-user interactions and employee activities taking place in networked environments, IT needs to think differently about how it structures its provision to best support this changing situation.

Kristaps Petrovskis

We spoke recently to Kristaps Petrovskis, the CTO of connectivity specialists Expereo, about digital transformation, with specific reference to connectivity: prioritizing, ascertaining need, and changing the overall topology at the heart of the enterprise digital infrastructure.

In the context of planning SD-WAN (software-defined networking) policy, how do we judge requirements for each business function or individual application? Is it as easy as installing a new networking over-layer, and sitting back to get the benefits? Certainly not, Kristaps said:

“If you really want to reap the benefits of this type of deployment of SD-WAN and application-aware routing, you need to see how your enterprise environment is changing — which it does a lot — and see how people are consuming apps differently. You need to spend a little more time and effort on this ‘maintain’ phase. Then again, it balances out, given the gains you get.”

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